Sensory Illustrations – Words
Each illustration was created to represent the five senses. “SEE” was created to look like an eye, “SCENT” has a nose drawn into the ‘S, “TASTE” fits inside of a bib.

Sensory Illustrations – Iconography
These icons would serve as standalone elements for Johnson’s Baby micro-content across all of social media platforms. Instead of using a word, the icon for TASTE – which is the bib with the fork and spoon – would be used with an image of parents feeding their baby.

At the beginning of the video, the parents encourage their baby to feel the bark of a tree. Once the baby’s hands begin to touch the tree, the illustration slowly animates onto the screen.

The father is seen playing a guitar for the baby. After he finishes playing he encourages the baby to touch strum the guitar strings. Once the baby touches a string, the illustration slowly animates onto the screen.

Johnson’s bathtime products feature a variety of different scents that stimulate a baby’s sense of smell. When the mother blows a handful of foam towards the camera, the illustration animates slowly onto the screen.

Babies begin to develop their eyesight around five months of age. At the beginning of the video, the baby’s vision is slightly blurred. Once the baby begins to develop their sense of vision, the illustration slowly animates onto the screen and the parents slowly come into focus.

The parents are sitting in their kitchen enjoying their lunch while simutaneously feeding the baby. When the father holds out a spoonful of food towards the camera, first the bib animates onto the screen followed by the word “TASTE”.

Finished video with text overlays.